“The Puppet Queen-The Creative Path” Directed by Pia Briccocola (Chaudhuri)

Music Video

“Wake Up” Directed by Don Askew

“Highway” Directed by Dianna Briggs


“T O In 24”  Directed by Dale Hildebrand

“The Synth” Directed by Ivan Iusco

“....(Ellipsis)” Directed by Sebastian Pardo

Student Film

“Controlled Burn” Directed by Dan Van Wert

“Blue Moon Down” Directed by  Flo Lackner

“Once Upon A Time In Kinmen” Directed by Chun-Han Shih

Documentary Short

“Two Trumpets” Directed by Victor Peceno

“Time Stood Still” Directed by Jo Graell

“Last Men Riding” Directed by Chris H. Stockl & Ute Fussenegger

Documentary Feature

“The Rising Sun”  Directed by Fabian Kimoto

“Death By Medicine” Directed by Gary Null

“Save Our Future” Directed by Janine Foster McKenna & Stephanie Young

Narrative Short

“The Philosopher” Directed by Abdulla Alkaabi

“Le Miroir” Directed by Sebastian Rossignol

“Just In Case” Directed by Ye’ela Rosenfeld

“The Way To Paradise” Directed by Enzo Zelocchi

“Infernum” Directed by Ted Marcus

Narrative Feature

“Dancing On A Dry Salt Lake” by Dominique De Fazio

“GHOST: The Musical” by William Allen Jones

“Charlie Casanova” Directed by Terry McMahon


“The Director” by Janyce Lapore

“Dancing On A Dry Salt Lake” by Dominique De Fazio

“God’s Architect” by Michael Mares

“Thus Quoth The Raven” by David Sabbath

“Codgertown” by Robert Gately

“The Jew Hunter” by Hans Galesloot

“A Man Called Jon by DeAndra Stone

“Smoke” by Jeff Sussman

“Discord” by Tanner Bean

“One More River To Cross” by Joey Kent

Fall 2011 Award of Merit Winners

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