Whitefire Theater
13500 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

April  1st  2015

Screening Schedule:

Block 1 Films 6pm-7:50pm

“'Moving Out”
“'Ever Eve”
“'I’ll See What I  Can Do”
“'Lulu And The Right Words”
“'Red Velvet Cake”

Block 2 Films 8pm-10pm

“'Work Sucks!”
“'In The Street”
“'Modern Homemakers”
“'Coat Room”
“'Biology Of The Second Reich”


Block 3 Films 10:05pm-11:50pm

“'Without You”
“'The Wheel Of Time”
“'The Last Waltz”
“'Human Ignition”
Block 1 Tickets $13
Block 2 Tickets $13
Block 3 Tickets $13

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All Sales Are Final

All Sales Are Final

All Sales Are Final