Whitefire Theater
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Sept.  30th  2015

Screening Schedule:

Block 1 Films 6pm - 7:40pm

“'The Scream”
“'If It’s Meant To Be (It’s Up To Me)”
“'Host House”
“'Il Dilemma”

Block 2 Films 7:50pm-9:30pm

“'Temporary Friend”
“'The Engaged Life: A Day Of Wedding Planning”
“'Occupational Hazards”
“'Myanmar Year Zero”
“'War Of Attrition”


Block 3 Films 9:40pm-11:35pm

“'Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion”
Block 1 Tickets $13
Block 2 Tickets $13
Block 3 Tickets $13

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All Sales Are Final

All Sales Are Final

All Sales Are Final