Best Documentary Feature

“To Climb A Gold Mountain” Directed by Alex Azmi & Rebecca Hu

Best Narrative Feature

“Reminiscentia” Directed by Masaki Inoue

Best Documentary Short

“My African Home” Directed by Carley Andrews

Best Narrative Short

“Do Not Disturb” Directed by Jon James Smith

Best  Animation

“Dissonance” Directed by Till Nowak

Best Student Film

“Chaos” Directed by Ibrahim Nada

Best Music Video

“Possession” Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

Best Experimental Film

“Total Animal III” Directed by Guerlotte Tristan

Best Script

“The Debt” by Michelle Patkowski

Best Director

“Reminiscentia” Directed by Masaki Inoue

Best Actor

Alexander Tsirkov     “Reminiscentia”

Best Actress

Loretta Devine     “1440 and Counting”

Best Cinematography

“Chaos” Directed by Ibrahim Nada

Best Original Score

“Reminiscentia” Directed by Masaki Inoue

“1440 and Counting” Directed by Tony Gapastione

“Fuck You From LA” Directed by Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim

“Grand Chinatown Robbery” Directed by Vladislav Nikitin

“Gym Rat” Directed by Steven Michael Swadling

“It’s Over” Directed by Alicia Rocha

“Cherry Ride” by Scott Newell

“Crystal Asylum” by Paul Dupree

“Tangled Spirits” by Eric P. Granger

“The Grave Digger” by Tom Smolko

Fall 2015 Winners

Fall 2015 Award of Merit Winners

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